~ Turkey❤️ ~

Hey Angels,

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, I had a lot of stuff to do before we went to the airport and when we got there I forgot to blog I'm sorry! 

I meet up with lilsis as well before I were supposed to meet up with my grandmother, we went to Yammy Kitchen to eat some food!

We arrived really late at the hotel, we were here at 4:30 am and We fell asleep at 5 am,
We had 4 hours of sleep and at 9:30 am we went down to the restaurant to get our breakfast and now we are at the pool and chilling! 

I will try my very best to blog as much as possible when I'm here! 

Have an awesome weekend!❤️💪

~ Work & Vacation! ~

Hey Angels,
How are you guys today? 
I hope you guys are doing great and that you guys have a lot of plans for this weekend! 
I´m doing great, had a long day at work but it was fine and it was really nice to get home to just do all the stuff I needed to and get them done! 
I have cleaned my room, which was really nice and I have done some laundry and now I only have 1 mashine left to do! 
Okey, So to the other topic that you probably are wondering about is the vacation part! 
Well, tomorrow after work when I get home I need to make sure that everything is paked and ready, I might post a blog post before I leave home to meet up with a friend around 4pm tomorrow. 
Then 5:45 pm I need to be at the station where the bus to the airport is going so that I can meet up with my grandmother because we are flying to Turkey tomorrow!! xD
Which I´m excited for because I have never been there before! 
So tomorrow there will be one blog post comming up at 9 am (swedish time!) but there might be one more blog post tomorrow but I´m not a 100% sure when I will be post it, either between after work and leave home or when I´m at the airport! 
So keep an eye on the blog for it tomorrow! ;D