~ My Fears! ~

Okey, I have the most ridiculous fears and I´m not even kidding! 
Let´s write down the 4 biggest fears that I have! : 
1.  Spiders and bugs! 
I´m hate spiders the most and there are some bugs like butterflies and ladybugs that I don´t hate but the rest of the bugs I do hate! 
2. Snakes and other lizards! 
I do not like slime stuff or animals, I´m not trying to be rude or anything but I´m just telling you why I´m afraid of them! 
They even look scary (some of them) ! 
3. Being in small places or having to little space! 
I can´t stand having to small space, I get to freaked out that I can get panic attacks! ( It has happened 2 times when I went to high school! ). 
4. Watching Scary movies! 
I know they are not for real but still I get really freaked out!
(Old Picture from 2014!)