~ Bullet Journal! ~

Hey Angels, 
How are you guys today? 
What have you been doing/What are you doing today? 
I´m fine and today I have been doing nothing but right now I´m sitting with my bullet journal and planning for next week! 
A just love my bullet Journal, I think it is alot more fun to plan and to have for ex. a Time log where I see how much time I spend on each and almost everything I do! 
I can Have my packing list there, to-do list,birthday page and a lote more and I recommened it!
The Book that I use is leuchtturm1917 with the dots on all the pages and I just love it, for me it is a lot more easier to have everything in one place and I take my bullet journal with me everywhere! 
Here is how the cover for August looks like! : 
Have an awesome FriYAY! ;D
Mata Nee ~ 
See Ya ~ 

~ FriYAY! ~

Hey Angels,
How are you guys today? 
What have you guys been doing today? 
I´m fine and as usually I´m really tired after work but its okay because I like it when the guest are leaving the breakfast with a smile!
After work I haven´t really been doing anything or I mean I have been watching CSI Miami and I have been writing and fixing my bujo (Bullet Journal!).
Have an AWESOME friday! :D
Mata nee ~ 
See yaa! ~ 

~ Inspiration! ~

Hey Angels,
How are you guys today? 
What I have you been doing? 
I´m fine, today I haven´t done anything except for listening to 2 podcasts and talk to a friend on the phone! 
Today I´m going to talk about 2 youtubers/bloggers/ who has their own podcasts, the first one is Hannah Ashton she is a really good Entreprenur at such a young age and the way she speaks to all the viewers/listeners/Readers is really inspiring! 
She is definitely someone I recommened you to check out, her name is Hannah Ashton on youtube and in every video she has a link to all of her social media! :D 
Because she gives a lot of tips if you wanna start a youtube channel or a blog!
The second one is Aileen Xu also known as Lavendaire, she is also a really inspiring youtuber/Blogger/ podcaster! 
The way that she writes and the ways she speaks with the viewers/listeners is really inspiring and fun! 
I really recommened her as well because she gives a lot of tips if you wanna start a youtube channel or a blog!
Her name is Lavendaire on youtube, her name to social media is linked down on the description on every video!
So go and check them out! :D
Have an awesome Monday! :D
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